Square drain

Zitta drains come in 5 stylish and functional designs that are sure to fit your style. They are affordable and are rigorously tested to meet Zitta’s high quality standards.

Every detail is designed to facilitate the installation and use afterward. The pre-assembled sealing membrane adds an additional protection against water seepage. The decorative plate is equipped with adjustable floor legs to simplify the leveling process. Every rough-in is sold with a hook, for lifting the decorative plate off the drain with ease and a strainer to help with your cleaning routine.

Drain carré


4″ – AD0404CLA16
4″ – AD0404CLB16
4″ – AD0404CLC16
4″ – AD0404CLZ16 (Flange Edge SS channel with membrane)
4’’ – DA0404CLA17 (black)
4’’ – DA0404CLB17 (black)

6″ – AD0606CLA16
6″ – AD0606CLB16
6″ – AD0606CLC16
6″ – AD0606CLZ16 (Flange Edge SS channel with membrane)
6’’ – DA0606CLA17 (black)
6’’ – DA0606CLB17 (black)

8″ – AD0808CLA16
8″ – AD0808CLB16
8″ – AD0808CLC16
8″ – AD0808CLZ16 (Flange Edge SS channel with membrane)


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