Base Installation

Our baths do not rest in mortar like other baths. They instead are anchored on their own steel support structure. The bottom of our baths have multiple layers begininng with acrylic that is backed with a first layer of FRP (fiberglass, resin and polyester mix), then a series of thick MDF (material density fiberboard) cut to precise shape and fully encapsulated with a second layer of FRP, on top of which is mounted a powder coated steel frame that is laminated to the surface using fiberglass and at the ends of which are cadmium steel leveling legs that screw all the way through the powder coated steel frame. This design will hold up to 2,000 pounds of weight before stressing the bath. That is more water and humans than you can get into a bath.

The base design eliminates the need to squish the bath into mortar to "set" it in place. In fact, squishing our bath into mortar will void the warranty. Our base is easier to install as all you need to do is put it in place and screw the legs up or down until the upper rim is touching the settings upper surface (touching only and not resting upon) and level. Then just drill a tech screw through the flange on one or two of the feet and the bath is permanently anchored. It is that simple.