Air systems are easy to keep clean. It takes little more effort than it does to clean a soaking bath. Unfortunately, too many manufacturers are either silent about this subject matter or make it sound like air systems clean themselves. The truth is they are able to dry themselves but being dry alone is not enough information to conclude that air systems are not capable of a bacterial growth risk. If a soaking bath tub is not cleaned it can generate a bacterial growth risk with the accumulation of soapy residue, hair, skin exfoliate and every other substance usual to cleaning the body. Since this is true nobody should believe they do not have to clean a bath that has an air system technology attached to it. Everyone should periodically clean their bath and its air system to ensure a sanitary bathing environment.

Air systems provide a high degree of sanitation due to the engineering characteristics of the technologies. Channel and injection technology both use air and not the bath water to operate so they do not flush bath water through the infrastructure of the technologies. Both type of air technologies use blower motors with auto purge cycles to evacuate water and residual moisture. So they are technologically good at maintaining a dry and sanititary bath. But they are not perfect and require a small amount of maintenance to remain sanitary. Here is how you do it.

Once every two months or so run some luke warm water into the bath about four inches deep. Poor in an emulsifying dish washer fluid that does not contain any abrasive materials or caustic chemicals like chlorine. Run the system on low velocity for two mintues so that the liquid completely emulsifies and permeates throughout the water then let it stand for two minutes with the system off. Next, run the system for one minute at low velocity then turn the system off and let it drain. Finish by rinsing the entire bath. The auto purge cycle will come on in about fifteen minutes and run for one minute to evacuate any and all residual moisture from the system. This will ensure a sanitary bath and takes very little time and effort. Really, it is not any more difficult then cleaning a soaking bath.