Hot Climate Installation

Most people do not think that a hot climate can affect an air system bath, but there are a couple of things to think about all of which have to do with sound considerations.

Typically, hot climates result in structures with far less insulation then structures built in cold climates. This makes sense relative to climate but can result in sound migration issues. Basically, insulation restricts sound migration through structures just like it restricts temperature migration. So a structure with less insulation will permit more sound migration then a structure with more insulation.

An air system blower motor generates sound similar to the sound of a vacuum cleaner. Most people do not mind the sound but some find it disturbing. In a warm climate where little or no insulation is behind the bath enclosure the sound will migrate throughout the structure. This problem can be magnified in hot climates when the floor is a concrete slab as this will reverberate and magnify the sound. This can be tempered by insulating the enclosure with sound absorbing foam before closing it in. This can also be managed by relocating the blower motor to a closet or other internal structure where sound is less likely to migrate due to carpeting, close walls and storage of fabric all of which absorb sound. Please see the article Blower relocation in this section for more information on this topic.