Blower Motor Relocation

Blower motors can be relocated up to twelve feet away from the bath. There are a few advantages to doing this. The advantages are easy access to the blower motor and a reduction of noise in the bathroom.

The blower motor is mounted on an MDF (material density fiberboard) platform that is attached onto two powder coated steel frame extensions. It has rubber feet to absorb vibration and is attached to the air distribution system. It is like a hair dryer on steriods, in that it is more powerful and larger. It draws in air, heats it up and blows it out into the distribution system. It generates a decible level in the mid eighty range which is well below the human perception of loud. However, it generates sound that is similar to a vacuum cleaner and while most people are not disturbed by the sound, some consider it noisy.

Relocating the blower to a nearby closet or other internal warm air area removes the noise from the bathroom and makes it far more accessible should it ever need service. Relocation is accomplished one of two ways. The installer can simply remove the blower to the new location and run PVC with a one and one half inch inner diameter pipe (1-1/2" ID PVC), from the blower exhaust extension to the air distribution intake. The installer must let all the glue joints dry thoroughly for twenty hours before turning the blower motor on to let the flamable vapors dissipate and avoid the risk of combustion. This method requires the purchase of a control extension wire that will attach to the control panel and the blower motor. The second method is to buy a relocation kit from us that has a flexible hose rated to 340 degress F, clamps, control extension wire and pieces needed to run from the exhaust to the intake. In both cases the linear run distance should not exceed twelve feet.