The One-Two Punch (U.S. only)

The TWINLINE is a premier 2-1 bathtub and showering unit, offered exclusively in North America by Acryline. The unit combines a sleek bathtub unit with an innovative walk-in shower shield, to provide you with the flexibility and function of two separate units in one beautiful and modern design.

The TWINLINE offers the best of two worlds: it is a full-fledged shower if you are in a hurry or if you simply prefer showering, and it is also a comfortable bathtub when you have the time to relax. In addition, TWINLINE’s compact dimensions give you room for a wealth of ideas to refurnish your bathroom and turn it into an elegant and modern space.

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  • TL60 - Main Product Image


    Premier 2-1 bathtub and showering unit, Walk-in...

    60" x 29 1/2" x 24"

    Installation: Alcove