Ultimate Massage

We are pioneers in air system bathing. In 2002 we invented and introduced the first dual air system bath and called it "The Ultimate Bathing Experience". We took our two separate forced air system technologies and combined them in a single bath to provide the most powerful range of massage therapy available in the privacy of your personal bath.

Our channel technology provides an extremely active and forceful tissue massage throughout the bath. Our injection technology provides a tactile massage stimulating the central nervous system. We combine both systems in a single bath to provide an incredibly wide range of massage. By adjusting the individual systems while bathing from an extreme musculoskeletal massage down through to a tactile sensory massage of your central nervous system our bathers are able to massage themselves while they bathe and adjust the massage wanted each time they bathe.

Our dual air system is a combination of our channel and injection system technologies. In combining the channel and injection systems you are able to regulate, vary and change the intensity of massage you want as you bathe. It is like having a personal massuese that you control and is why we call it the The Ultimate Bathing Experience.

For a lengthy technical discussion of our technology please see the article entitled Air at length in the Library section of our website. The article is long and has been referred to as a dissertation. It is provided for those who want to know everything possible before they make a purchase decision.