Massage is Therapy

Massage is therapy intended to dislodge toxins and other chemical residues and substances that build up in human tissue and allow the human super highway of discharge systems to get rid of those toxins.

This discharging of toxic waste allows the endocrine, lymph, nervous and blood systems to function better preserving the ability of the body to fight disease, maintain a healthy immune system, be far more aware of its own needs, stay well oxygenated and eliminate excesses and waste. Massage also has enhanced benefits because a sound massage will cause the body to release endorphins, which allow for a more complete state of relaxation by altering the state of conscious thought.

A massage is a real treat and we would all benefit measurably by getting regular massages. Unfortunately, in the demanding world we live in that is not a practical or likely objective and most of us have had few real massages. So how do we do something practical that allows us to get as close to the objective of a regular massage? That is the central objective that drives us to constantly pursue our goal to provide the closest thing to a professionally delivered hands on massage in the comfort of a bath.

We do this with our air system technologies. Air system technology can provide a range of massage from a massage of the body tissue through a massage of the central nervous system. To do this it takes two combined air technologies; channel and injection technology. We are the pioneers of dual air system technology in a single bath and within this section on massage you will discover how we combine our air system technologies to deliver an exceptional massage experience each and every bath.