Not a Whirlpool

We believe that people want a system bath to provide an extraordinary massage and be simple to keep clean. We believe that air system bathing provides what people really want in a massaging system bath. Our customers helped us form these beliefs. It is truly all about the quality of air system massage.

This bath is not a whirlpool, is a sign we often hang over our bath at Home Shows. We do this because people walking by and gazing over at our bath in operation often conclude it is. They conclude that it must be a whirlpool (water jetted bath) because it is so very active and anything that active must be a whirlpool. The sign contradicts their impression, peaking their curiosity and we get an opportunity to talk about the differences between jetted water and air system bathing.

It is no coincidence that we created and introduced our dual air system technology in 1999 and then chose to stop producing jetted water systems very soon after. We introduced the dual air system because we felt it delivered a superior massage. After introduction we learned from our customers that they felt the same way. Our customers taught us more than we knew and convinced us that our air engineering was indeed special.

People who had previously owned a jetted water system and took a risk buying our new, unknown and one of a kind technology absolutely raved about the massage and the quality of the bathing experience. They told us about the difference in how they felt during and after a bath, how it compared to their experience owning a whirlpool and about how happy they were to have gambled on our combined air system. People who had previously owned a jetted water system related a very common bathing experience. For the most part they told us that they would spend most of their time in the bath alternately moving portions of their body in front of and then away from the jets in their baths. They told us that the jets were too powerful and that they did not enjoy that much pressure for more than a very short time. They told us that they usually just turned the whirlpool off after a few minutes and soaked in their baths. They also told us how very differently they use our air system baths and in their stories we found a common experience.

They told us that when they first bathed in our dual air system the first thing they had to get used to was the tactile sensation they felt from a constant volume of air rushing over their skin. They were surprised by the initial cooling sensation but found it comforting and enjoyable once they relaxed. (For more discussion of this sensation please see our the topic "Air through water" in this section of our website.) The next thing our bathers told us was they were amazed how forceful the massage was when operating both systems at full velocity and that the massage was everywhere in the bath and all over their body but without the excessive pressure they experienced in their whirlpools. They consistently told us they just didn??t realize how active the bath would be and were thrilled to be able to provide themselves with a strong all over body massage. They told us about how they use the injection system when they just want a very gentle massage and enjoy the flood of bubbles or the trickle of bubbles this system delivers. They related thousands of different methods for using the control keypads to create an infinite number of ways to manage the massage during the bath for whatever massage they wanted during each bath. They told us their whole family uses the bath and everyone in the famly uses it differently. They told us they appreciated how easy it is to maintain. They sent in pictures of their baths and helped us to understand that our bath was delivering on its promise to be the closest thing to a hands on massage in the privacy of a personal bath. They reinforced our belief in air system bathing and we listened.

We stopped making jetted water systems because our bathers convinced us that our future was in air system bathing. We had other reasons associated with concerns over suction fittings and long-term sanitation but it was the reaction to our dual air system bath that convinced us. In making the decision we turned our back on a significant revenue stream but did so knowing that the quality of the massage and the ease of sanitation were driving forces that would result in a growth market and business opportunity.

We are an organization in business to make a profit just like any successful company. We are at the same time a group of people who really enjoy making a product we believe helps other people. We are lucky to be engaged in work that is good for people and allows us to put food on our tables. We are confident that as more people experience air system bathing massage they will prefer the type of massage delivered over the type of massage delivered by a jetted water system. We are likewise confident that people would prefer to spend less rather than more time maintaining a clean system bath and for all of these reasons we are dedicated to providing an exceptional bathing massage for ourselves and all of our devoted bathers who we like to refer to as "Acrylunatics".

To all of our fellow Acrylunatics we say thank you for taking a risk with us and helping us to build a valued organization we can all feel good about.

For a lengthy technical discussion of our technology please see the article entitled Air at length in the Library section of our website. The article is long and has been referred to as a dissertation. It is provided for those who want to know everything possible before they make a purchase decision.