Motor Masseuse

As of September 2006 all of our baths are equipped with our newest blower motor and it allows us to provide optimum power by bath shape and technology reducing noise and improving the massage our bath delivers.

In our bath the motor is more than just a device, it is also an integral part of the massaging system. Basically, blower motor controls allow the bather to manage the volume, heat, wave or pulse action of the blower. Frankly, this is true for almost all blowers. But you can also rely upon our blowers to know each bath as an individual shape and system type because our blower motors are tuned to each shape we make and to the specific technology characterisitcs of the system made part of the bath. Our motors are tuned into massage!

We started working on this project two years ago with a new supplier because we recognized that the blower motor we were using and all blower motors available on the market had a fundamental operating flaw. All of them had to be preset with a fixed high and low speed operating air volume. A blower set with a fixed high and low operating range resulted in two problems. The first problem is that buying blowers with a preset power range results in too much air flow for a small bath and too little air flow for a large bath shape. The second problem is that our two technologies require separate ranges in the same size bath to work best.

Our smallest bath holds 39 US gallons of water and our largest bath holds 144 US gallons. A blower motor with a preset operating range has to have a high volume setting that will be low enough to make a small bath active but not excessive and high enough to make a large bath active without being anemic. The preset range results in a large bath that is not as active as it should be and a small bath that is as active as it possibly can be. This problem is further compounded when considering our channel technology and injection technology needs. Our channel system allows much more air to be blown into a bath than our injection system allows to create a much more vigorous tissue massage. Conversely, our injection system can be operated on far less air pressure than our channel system to achieve a very gentle tactile massage. The old preset range technology forced us to temper the range and that did not allow us to achieve the ideal range of massage possible in any of our baths. This reality was simply unacceptable to us.

A fixed operating range caused us to calibrate the blower we used at a range that best met the needs of these diverse baths and separate technologies. We ended up with a range that simply did not optimize the possible massage for each bath shape and system we offer. We wanted a blower we could calibrate for each size of bath and type of system to maximize the range of massage for every bath we offer. In working through this objective with our supplier they were able to provide us with a fantastic new technology that allows us to program each and every blower motor. Our new blower motor is as powerful while at the same time quieter as our former blower with more intelligence. We program every blower at final assembly for the specific dynamic range needed for the shape of each bath and for the type of air system (channel or injection) we are putting on the bath.

The results are magnificent. We not only achieved our primary objective to maximize the massage of every bath we create but ended up with two huge benefits in addition. We reduced the blower motor noise at high operating range and better control heat variation during operation! Further, our new blower motor operates on the exact same keypad control, has all the functions of our old blower and can be retrofit on to any bath system allowing for upgrades for any of our baths sold prior to this change in technology. We are very proud of this accomplishment as it gets us that much closer to providing an air system bath that actually mimics a human hands on massage.

For a lengthy technical discussion of our technology please see the article entitled Air at length in the Library section of our website. The article is long and has been referred to as a dissertation. It is provided for those who want to know everything possible before they make a purchase decision.