Human Massage

While there are many form of human massage therapy, the majority are administered in a similar pattern. It is both the pattern and range of massage therapy we mimic with our system bath technologies.

The pattern we observe in massage therapy groups into four phases of trust and relaxation, tissue and joint manipulation, central nervous system stimulation, and post-therapy care. This generally results in the following experience for the person receiving massage therapy.

At first the therapist establishs trust with the person receiving the massage. This is often accomplished by having the patient lie down on a therapeutic massage table within a comfortable and secure setting typically including mood altering lighting and soothing music. Once the patient is lying down at rest the therapist then administers an initial light touching of the head, face and neck with the fingertips to establish trust and allow the person receiving the therapy to physically relax and mentally drift.

The next phase is a manipulation of body tissue and joints during which the therapist stretches the extremities and massages the neck, arms and legs. In extending major joints and large muscle groups the therapist prepares the body for better blood flow and sets the stage for a more aggressive tissue and joint manipulation. This manipulation usually consists of a significant squeezing and kneading of the muscular system and in some form of massage a dramatic manipulation of the skeletal structure. All of this activity is intended to break-up chemical aggregation that lodge in the tissue and skeleton of the body. This can be quite aggressive in some therapies.

The next phase is a less aggressive period during which the therapist stimulates the central nervous system by lightly tracing the meridians of the central nervous system with their hands and fingertips. This stimulation compels an increase in heart rate that increases blood flow and compels deeper respiration, both of which are needed in order for the body to evacuate toxins.

Finally, the therapist will leave the patient alone and quietly ask the person to get up slowly once they are prepared to do so. Before departing they often ask that the person join others in an outer room where they are invited and indeed significantly encouraged to drink a lot of water and enjoy some fruit or cookies.

In summary, the therapist has just dislodged a serious amount of toxin that had bunched up all over the body and sent it straight to the blood stream where it must be purged from the body. The therapist know this needs to occur quickly or the fickle body will reabsorb the gooey garbage and goof itself all up again.

We pioneered our dual air system to mimic this massage experience in the privacy of a bath. Our channel system creates water pressure throughout the bath to knead muscle and soft tissue and our injection system uses bubbles to stimulate the central nervous system. We pioneered the combination of these distinct technologies into a single system bath we call the "The Ultimate Bathing Experience". By controlling the intensity of the separate technologies our bathers become their own personal massage therapists and tailor their every bath to the therapy they want that day.

We encourage you to read more about our technologies within this website to fully understand how our bath mimics human massage therapy.

For a lengthy technical discussion of our technology please see the article entitled Air at length in the Library section of our website. The article is long and has been referred to as a dissertation. It is provided for those who want to know everything possible before they make a purchase decision.