General Statement

The art of massage is an ancient form of holistic medicine that is recognized by modern medicine to have absolute value to physical and emotional human health. While we do not pretend that our forced air system technologies can provide the same value that a massage delivered by trained human hands can, we do believe without doubt that our systems deliver the closest massage to an actual human massage available in any bathing system short of having a masseuse bathe with you. Indeed our baths are employed in the professional business practices of massage therapists, chiropractors, sports injury centers and birthing centers where the system bath is a functional asset in providing human health and well being.

We would like to explain why we feel the way we do about our forced air system baths and hope you will appreciate all of the thought, engineering and effort that underlie the beautiful bath that you see above the deck. Our explanation is not simple or easy. To understand the way our systems work we have to explain our perception of massage and describe our two technologies in order to explain how they mimic a hands on massage. This section of our website will provide a summary description of the range of massage our technologies provide and how we combine them to create a bathing massage experience that is as close to an actual massage in the privacy of a bath available on the market.

Our website is dedicated to a thoughtful, thorough and thought provoking explanation of our products and the technologies of air system bathing. We believe that every individual who is considering a warm air system bath should have the benefit of knowing as much about the technology as possible so that they can make an informed decision. We hope you will find the information you need within and that after you have researched all available baths you will choose an Acryline system bath because it is the bath that will satisfy your desires.

For a lengthy technical discussion of our technology please see the article entitled Air at length in the Library section of our website. The article is long and has been referred to as a dissertation. It is provided for those who want to know everything possible before they make a purchase decision.