Channel Massage

Massage in a channel air system bath is dependent upon moving the water into motion to create water currents in the bath. Basically, air wants desperately to get out of your bath water and when you blow air in it immediately rises through the bath water to escape into the atmosphere of your bathroom. In moving through your bath water the air pushes the water in its path out of the way and into motion. The more air volume you can push through the bath water the more the water gets pushed into motion and it is the motion of the water and not the air in a channel system bath that actually performs massage. The more water motion created the more forceful the massage will be. We call this the 3 V Rule of volume, velocity and vertical rise.

Our channel creates a stronger and broader range of massage than other channel technologies. Because our channel inner surfaces are smooth and in an uninterrupted corridor they allow more air to be forced into the bath at a higher rate. Since our channel resides lower in the bath well it provides greater vertical rise through the bath water. These attributes allow us to push more air through and into the bath with more distance being travelled by the air through the water as it escapes to the surface. This pushes more water into motion within the bath creating currents or convective flows of water cascading throughout the bath well and it is these free flowing currents of water that perform massage in a channel system.

Our channel technology provides a strong tissue massage at high blower motor operating ranges generating substantial force pressure of massaging water all over the body. As you reduce the volume and velocity of air you can temper this vigorous massage to an intermediate massage of convecting water current. But like all channel systems you can not adjust the action of the bath much lower to achieve a light tactile massage of the central nervous system.

There is a limit to the range of massage that channel technology can deliver. It can not deliver a tactile massage to gently caress the central nervous system. In order to deliver a caressing tactile massage of the central nervous system you need to use air bubbles and not water currents. In air system massage this requires a different technology; injection technology. Please read the section under the heading Injection massage to learn more about tactile air massage.

For a lengthy technical discussion of our technology please see the article entitled Air at length in the Library section of our website. The article is long and has been referred to as a dissertation. It is provided for those who want to know everything possible before they make a purchase decision.