Aroma Therapy

Aromatherapy is the addition of oils, salts, elixirs and other homeopathic substances to the bath water used to stimulate specific chemical reactions within the body. Naturally, the addition of these substances is intended to result in healthy and positive chemical reactions and this is a good thing.

We are not homeopathic experts and do not pretend to know what effects they will have within the human body. We know that these substances have been used since the dawn of civilization to heal and that proper use depends on knowledge and consultation. We encourage all of our bathers to be certain they know what they are using and what effects are intended before using them. We also know that most natural and many manufactured substances will not harm the bath. Some of these substances contain abrasives and solvents that will harm acrylic and these should never be used.

Used properly these substances are magnificent additions to an Acryline bathing experience. The basic rule is always clean your bath after using aromatherapy products and only use products that are good for you and will not harm the acrylic surface.