Air Sensation

If you have never experienced an air system bath you will benefit from knowing a little bit about the sensation of air moving through water and over your skin. To describe this sensation well we will compare the sensation to one we all know. We will also discuss a little about the heating element of the blower motor so that you have a good understanding of what heated air can and can not do in bath water.

Imagine it is August, you are outside, it is 90 degrees F, and 90 percent humidity. There is only still air. It is hot and sticky outside and you are perspiring. A breeze comes up and blows across your skin. You feel cooled by the breeze. But is the breeze actually cooler air or the same temperature air? It is the same temperature but it is in motion and you feel cool. Why? Because air in motion across perspiring skin helps the body dissipate heat and the tactile sensation we have as our body dissipates heat is the sensation of being cooled. Air at the same temperature or even higher temperature of bath water moving through bath water will generate a similar tactile sensation for the same reason.

Our body temperature when we are healthy is about 98 degress F. Most people bathe in water that is about the same temperature or maybe a few degrees higher. In doing so the body pores will open and most people actually perspire as they bathe. The heated air moving through an air system bath will range dependent upon the temperature of the ambient air it is drawing from (usually the air space below your bath). Lets assume for the moment that the air temperature below your bath is 75 F. The heating element will raise this ambient air temperature by 30??F and flood your bath water with air that is likely to be a few degrees hotter than your bath water. Will it feel hotter. No it won??t as air rushing over your skin with pores wide open and perspiring will help your body to cool down just like it will in the analogy above. It is a temporary sensation, which most people find comfortable and relaxing. But it is different than the sensation of heat associated with reheated water coming out of a jet in a jetted water system (whirlpool), which you are likely already familiar.

This is important to understand. Too often people selling air system baths unkowingly make two incorrect claims. One they claim the heated air will heat the bath water and that you will feel the heated air as heat. These claims are not true.

As discussed earlier, air rushing through water does not create a heat sensation as it rushes over perspiring skin. But it is equally important to know that heated air introduced in bath water does not heat the bath water. Quite the opposite is actually the truth.

Air flooding through bath water wants only to rise through the water, bump into, around and over objects in the water and escape into the atmosphere above the bath. As it does so it absorbs heat and eventually releases the heat in the form of moisture as it bursts out of the bath water and into the bathroom atmoshere.

Heated air will not feel hot and will not heat the bath water. We have found that people enjoy the initial sensation of being cooled in our air system baths and use our air system longer than they used to use their jetted water systems. As a result they often dissipate the heat from the bath water in as little as fifteen minutes. Many of our customers choose to drain out some of the bath water and refill with fresh hot water because fifteen minutes of our air system bath massage is not enough for them. Others are satisfied with a fifteen minute massage and finish their bath.

For a lengthy technical discussion of our technology please see the article entitled Air at length in the Library section of our website. The article is long and has been referred to as a dissertation. It is provided for those who want to know everything possible before they make a purchase decision.